AgingWell Presentations

Perry Lutheran Homes Is Your Local Resource For Senior Care & Memory Care Expertise

If your organization, group or church needs a presentation or speaker, we'd be glad to partner with you! Our goal is to help people plan well now to live well later as a part of our AgingWELL seminar and presentation series.

Available AgingWELL Presentations

1. Senior Living & Care Options - What are the Options?

2. Keeping Your Loved One Safe at Home

3. How to Start and Have the Senior Care Conversation

4. Identify and Understand the Warning Signs and Stages of Dementia

5. How to Recognize the Signs of Depression in Your Loved One

6. Caring for and Connecting with Someone Living with Dementia

7. Enriching the Life of Your Elderly Loved One

8. Caring for the Caregiver - Better Manage Stress & Maintain Balance

9. Making the Most of Your Visits with Loved Ones in Care Communities

10. Maintaining Perspective as we Age

11. Preparing Yourself or Your Loved One for Entering a Care Home

12. The Power of Personalized Music

13. Important Documents & Decisions for End-of-Life Issues from a Christian Perspective (outside resource)

14. Aging Isn't Cheap: Understanding Medicare & Medicaid (outside resource)

15. Aging isn't Cheap: Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance & VA Benefits (outside resource)