2015 Phoenix Award

Awarded by: LeadingAge Iowa

Presented to: Perry Lutheran Home - CEO, Rev. Max Phillips

The Phoenix award is presented to an individual or organization that through innovative techniques, creative solutions, and unwavering perseverance has risen from adversity to not only impact their organization but their surrounding community. Potential candidates include LeadingAge Iowa member administrators, CEOs, executive directors, housing managers and service program directors.

Rev. Max Phillips, Chief Executive Officer at Perry Lutheran Home, was the Phoenix Award recipient due to his innovative ideas, creative solutions, and support of staff initiatives and development. Because of this, Perry Lutheran Home stands as one of the premier memory care providers in the state of Iowa with arguably some of the most innovative memory care in the nation. This brings the highest level of care to Perry Lutheran Home residents, meaningful jobs to those in the community, and a place of education, worship, and fellowship to all.