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In memory of Virginia - a beautiful and faithful woman forever in our hearts

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Marvin - Sweetly Singing Resident

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Kathy's Story:

"Mom was in an assisted living facility in Colorado, but she wasn't thriving at all. I knew she needed to be someplace better.

My mother-in-law transferred from Spring Valley [campus] to the Perry Lutheran Home [main campus] in December of 2015. When I came there to visit her, I just knew it was the perfect place for my own mom. I began working with the administrative staff, and mom moved into the Perry Lutheran Home [main campus] in January of 2016. It's the BEST decision we ever made for her! Having mom here is just a miracle... She's in a spacious, well-lighted room. It's been so wonderful to see her participating in so many activities now.

She went from living in a place that offered very little stimulation, to being involved in life again at the Perry Lutheran Home.

The nutritious meals have restored her health. She LOVES the chance to choose what she'd like to eat. I'm so pleased to see her strong and healthy again. I'm grateful for the excellent medical care at the Perry Lutheran Home. It gives both of us peace of mind to know there are high qualified staff to help mom.

The Perry Lutheran Home is an excellent place to live! It has a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The fact that it also offers memory care is a bonus. The staff is outstanding. They make EVERY effort to provide wonderful care to the residents. The families are kept current on their loved one's care through very good communication from the care-giving staff. I am so pleased with my mom's new life at the Perry Lutheran Home.

She has just blossomed here! Thank you!"

Kathy - Daughter of cherished PLH resident, Helen

Our Residents

In Memory of Martha - You are Forever Loved

"I loved working here and I love living here. I feel Christ is present for there is such love and caring. We are a big family."

Our Staff

Fabian - PLH Team Member

"Serving Christ by Serving Others from the time I wake up to sun down is what my heart is beating for."

Our Staff

Deb - PLH Team Member

"Working here brings so much meaning. I'm able to care for and love our residents. I cannot imagine working anywhere else."

Our Families

Pete's Story:

"After meeting with the Spring Valley [campus] administration and head of nursing, we knew this was the Christian, clean, loving place we were looking for. After having dad here from a year, we have no regrets. We made the right decision.

After we visited the Perry Lutheran Home [Spring Valley campus], we did not consider any other facilities.

Perry Lutheran has allowed our family to know that our dad has a safe, clean, secure, and loving environment to live in. The Memory Care Unit does an outstanding job of providing exercise, classes, bus rides, excellent meals, social groups, and a great 5-to-1 nurse-to-resident ratio.

His quality of life really relieves our peace of mind.

My dad is 'happy as a lark' living at Spring Valley."

Pete - Son of beloved Spring Valley Campus resident

Our Residents

Carol - Sweet & Special PLH Resident

"Here, the staff are kind and care about us. I enjoy all the different activities we do and places we go. Seeing the kids adds so much meaning to our days."

Our Staff

Carsin - PLH Team Member

"I love working here because of the way staff loves and cares for our residents, their families, and each other."

Our Residents

In memory of Julius - a life and laugh we will always treasure and love.

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