Volunteers Are the Heart of Perry Lutheran Homes

Join our team of Perry Lutheran Homes volunteers who make a positive impact on the lives of our residents and tenants every single day!

Those who volunteer set out to positively change the lives of others, yet as a volunteer, your life will change for the better just as much or more!

1. Look through our current list of volunteer opportunities below to find the opportunity that is the right fit for your interests, skills, time, and talents. If you don't see one below, contact us and we will work with you to find the perfect fit.

2. Use the contact us form to let us know that you are interested in volunteering!

3. Download or stop by to fill out and submit a volunteer application.

Because we care greatly about each resident at our home and the children of our daycare, all volunteers go through an application, screening and training process. This helps to set our residents and volunteers up for happiness and success!

Download the individual application today!

If you are part of a group interested in volunteering, contact us to see what opportunities are available. Feel free to download and use the group application.

You can help home-bound elder citizens in need through Perry Lutheran Homes Meals on Wheels!

Would you like to deliver smiles, warm greetings, daily encouragement and a nutritious meal to home-bound, older adults? Join the Perry Lutheran Homes Meals on Wheels delivery team! Meals are delivered between 11:00AM and 1:00PM Monday through Friday. Choose a day of the week or days of the month that work with your schedule. Deliverers check on the safety of clients, take notice of needs, and can be a vital lifeline in the event of a medical emergency. You may be the only person an elder sees during the day and have the opportunity to make a BIG impact in the lives of many through your service!

Take part in one of Perry Lutheran Homes' service projects!

At our Christian, Caring Community, each and every one of our residents and tenants live purposeful lives. Join us in one of our current mission projects that benefit those on a global scale!

Help us roll bandages as a part of Global Health Ministries mission! This seemingly simple task has a huge impact and benefit to others in need. Proper medical treatment and supplies in Africa are extremely limited and hard for most to afford. Many adults and children don't receive the proper care needed. By providing supplies, such as rolled bandages to hospitals, Global Health Ministries helps those in need receive either free or discounted care as well as an increased level of care. Join our residents, tenants, and volunteers in this amazing service project today!

First Impression Greeter

Greet visitors at the front door of Perry Lutheran Home's Main Campus. Assist visitors in finding who or what they need with a smile.

Gardening Guru or Floriculture Diva

Bring fresh flowers, plants, sprigs, or other outdoor finds. Teach them how to arrange flowers or make the perfect planter or seasonal decoration.

Animal Lover

Share your pet with residents in our many neighborhoods. Encourage residents to interact with the animal and engage in discussion.


Lead a small group in baking something delicious - pies, cakes, cookies, bread, or any goodie - while residents reminisce and assist to stir, frost, or taste results!


Visit us often and don't forget to bring the little ones. We love babies and children of all ages!

Fishing Enthusiast

Take a resident to your favorite, local fishing spot. Assist with all parts of fishing from bating the hook, casting, reeling, and removing the fish.

Interior Decorator

Help decorate living rooms, lobby, hallways, and resident rooms with seasonal, holiday, or theme decorations.


Help make spaces feel like home by painting resident rooms, hallways, and common spaces.

Story Teller

Read a book, the Bible, a devotion, or tell a story that engages residents in interesting or inspiring life adventures!

Hairdo Expert

Pamper female residents by curling, braiding, or styling their hair. Use a mirror to show them their styled hair and enjoy seeing the smile on their face!

Nail Artist

Help female residents look and feel their best by assisting in picking out the perfect shade, filing nails, removing old polish, and painting them a fresh, new color!

Fresh Air Supervisor

Enjoy the great outdoors with residents! Help them outside, sit, relax, interact, and help them back inside when they choose.

Postman or Postwoman

Sort and hand deliver mail to residents in our many neighborhoods. Offer to assist in opening or reading the mail.

Travel Assistant

Assist residents onto the wheelchair accessible bus, buckle the seat belt, and enjoy the ride.

2-Person Bicycle Companion

Enjoy the outdoors by riding the special all-ability bike with a resident!

Makeup Artist

Help female residents to look and feel their best by apply makeup such as blush and eye shadow.

Ice Cream Fanatic

Fill a cart with delicious ingredients to make ice cream sundaes or soda for root beer floats and present to residents in our three neighborhoods. Assist residents with making their perfect ice cream dessert.

Man Cave Leader

Join male residents in activities or games such as billiards or cards.

Man Talk Leader

Plan and lead a group discussion or activity for male residents about hunting, sports, finish, family, or other interesting activity. The possibilities are endless!