Remember the Three E’s when Approaching Senior Care Conversations

Having senior living and care conversations can seem daunting. However, there are ways to approach and have these conversations that can put everyone involved at greater ease. Below are the "Three E's" to keep in mind when approaching senior care conversations.

1. Start EARLY

The best time to start is now; make it a regular part of conversation so that it's not an uncomfortable topic that everyone avoids. This helps to ease anxiety, stress, and worry instead of waiting until an emergency situation arise. Keep it short and simple and in a comfortable place. Stay ahead of injury, like falls, and disease by planning early.


Put yourself in your loved-one's shoes and have the conversation in a way that shows caring and compassion. Ask open-ended questions to learn and understand. Show concern and caring and never accuse using phrases like "I'm worried...". Focus on the behaviors instead of the person with statements like "I noticed your meds for this morning are still in the pill box..."

3. ENGAGE others

Keep your loved one, other seniors, and trusted professionals such as doctors and social workers engaged in the process. Ask a senior currently receiving assistance or living in a care community to share their experience. Seek a neutral opinion from a trusted doctor.

As always, the staff at Perry Lutheran Homes is here for you to answer any questions about anything related to senior living, senior care or memory care - whether in your home or one of ours.


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