Project Deliver the Love

Elder loneliness is a silent epidemic affecting the health and well-being of our “invisible elders” living at home and in senior care communities right here in Iowa.

More than forty percent of those age 65 and over regularly experience loneliness. These feelings of separation, disconnection and isolation lead to serious health problems such as depression and dementia, as well as an increased likelihood of death.

Inspired by Perry Lutheran Homes StepUp Movement (Serving Together our Elders with Passion) and our past initiatives to fight hunger through 100,000 meals packed in four years at Perry Lutheran Homes through Meals from the Heartland, comes the newest endeavor to impact our elders living right here in Dallas County: Project Deliver The Love.

Volunteers from businesses, churches, civic groups, the community and more will join together to pack up nearly 400 baskets with food, notes of encouragement, and more, and then “deliver the love” to nearly 400 elder citizens in Dallas County. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event date has been postponed until it is safe to gather and visit Perry Lutheran Homes facilities.

We are currently looking for organizations to donate specific food items, baskets with handles, and for volunteers to sign up for one hour packing or delivery shifts to make "Project Deliver the LOVE" a success!

There are three ways for you to get involved with Project Deliver the LOVE!

1. Submit an Elderly Person's Name & Info

2. Sign-Up to Pack or Deliver

  • Sign-up for a one hour shift anytime from 9AM to 4PM on (date to be determined) to pack or deliver the LOVE. Contact Carsin Olson at or 515-465-5342.

3. Donate Baskets or Food Items (or Both!)

  • Donate food items or baskets with handles. Contact Wanda Pritzel at or 515-570-2310 to learn more about what exactly is needed.

And for one more way to get involved... Spread the word!

Submit an Elderly Person's Name & Info Today!