6 Signs That Your Loved One May Need Assistance

Do you worry about an elderly loved one living at home?

Consider these six signs that may indicate your loved one is in need of assistance:

1. Self-Care Difficulty

The refusal or inability to shower, change clothes, brush teeth, and other activities of daily living and care.

2. Weight Loss

Unable, unwilling or forgetting to shop for groceries, prepare and cook food, and/or eat.

3. Confusion

When asked simple questions, they cannot answer about where they are, when they last ate, what the date is, etc.

4. Isolation

Physically unable to attend or not interested in social events and detachment from friends and family.

5. Resistance

Unwilling to leave the house or general combativeness that is not normal.

6. Forgetting Meds

Not taking medication as prescribed or at all due to confusion or forgetfulness.

Reach out today with any questions or to see what kind of care assistance might be right for your loved one.