Senior Weekly Fellowship Meal Anticipated to Start in October; Delayed by Need for Additional License

The weekly senior fellowship meal at the McCreary Center is anticipated to start again in October. The exact date will depend upon the approval of an additional license needed through the Department of Inspections and Appeals (DIA).

When the city of Perry asked Perry Lutheran Homes to fill a need in coordinating the meal portion of the weekly senior fellowship meal, it appeared that the additional service could be added to the food establishment license that was currently held for the Perry Lutheran Homes’ Spring Valley Retirement Community building. At the project onset, the start date of September 4 was anticipated. As discussions progressed and further details emerged, it became apparent that a separate license was needed. The license application is currently awaiting approval at the DIA office.

As soon as the application is approved and a start date is set, community members will be informed through local news media. Those interested are also able to contact the McCreary Rec Center for any updates.

The senior fellowship meal is for community members age 50 and above, and takes place every Wednesday at noon fall through spring. For just $5.00, attendees enjoy a full meal, including drink and dessert, as well as fellowship with friends and neighbors. Once the weekly meal is set to begin, call the McCreary Center to make your reservation at 515-465-5621.