Eight Ways to keep Connected with a Loved One in a Care Community

With visitor restrictions in place at most senior care communities, families have to get creative to find new ways to keep connected with loved ones in meaningful ways.

Here are eight ways to help you connect with your loved one living in a care community:

1. Technology
Use technology to video chat, send emails, or use social media to stay in touch!

2. Pen & Paper
Write and send cards, notes and letters. Include return envelopes and extra stamps to make it easy to write back. Staff can also help your loved one respond back if needed.

3. Almost In-Person
Schedule the next best thing - a window or front door visit! Here you have only a piece of glass between you and your loved one. For better hearing, you can use phones to communicate during your visit.

4. Decorate Outdoors
Residents most often have windows in their rooms to view the great outdoors. Make a plan to help decorate by putting ribbons around trees, making outdoor signs, deliver a nice outdoor floral arrangement and more. Make sure you check with your local senior care community first to let them know your plans.

5. Decorate Indoors
Help your loved one fill their night stand, walls, window and more by sending drawings, signs and messages of support.

6. Care Package
Put together and deliver a care package with all your loved ones favorites - snacks, books, photos, movies and other favorite things.

7. New Clothing or Care Items
Who doesn't like to get new clothes?!? Deliver a new shirt, socks, pajamas, pair of shoes, personal care items or any other thing they might like.

8. Engaging Activities
Send items to help your loved one engage in activity such as word search books, crossword books, adult coloring books and more.

9. BONUS - In-Person, Outdoor Visit!
Depending upon which phase of the reopening process, you may be able to schedule an in-person, outdoor visit! Make sure to call and schedule a time ahead of time!

Download this document to help give you ideas on ways to keep connected with your loved one!