Unscheduled Visits Monday through Friday from 8AM until 4PM

We have exciting news to share regarding visitation guidelines as things continue to work their way back to a more “normal” pre-pandemic senior living community! Effective July 15, unscheduled visits can take place Monday through Friday from 8:00AM until 4:00PM at Perry Lutheran Homes King's Gardens Campus and Eden Acres Campus!

Visitation guidelines from national and local health agencies regarding COVID-19 and visitation in senior living communities continues to relax. Please review the updated visitation guidelines below. To continue down the path to reopen, it is incredibly important for everyone to follow all guidelines. If guidelines are not followed, it may be necessary to implement more strict guidelines to keep residents and resident families safe.

As of July 15, these guidelines will go into effect and occur on a trial basis, so please pay careful attention and adhere to all guidelines below.

  1. Unscheduled visits can take place from 8:00AM – 4:00PM on Monday through Friday. Saturday, Sunday, and weekday after 4:00PM visits will need to continue to be scheduled.
  2. Visitors at King's Gardens Campus must use the service entrance door on the east side of the building. Visitors at Eden Acres Campus must use the employee entrance door on the west side of the campus (northern-most door on west side).
  3. All visitors must be screened prior to each visit. If a staff member is not at the entrance, visitors must use the walkie talkie located on the table to call a staff member to screen them. Under no circumstances are visitors allowed to enter the building without being screened.
  4. If visitors have symptoms of any sickness, or have had close contact with someone who is sick, they are not allowed to come to the facility.
  5. Once visitor is screened, they must go directly to the resident’s room or designated visiting area. If resident is in long-term care or skilled care and has a roommate in the room at the time of the visit, the visiting family and resident will need to use the designated visiting area. Once finished, the visitor must go promptly back to the entry/exit area. No loitering in hallways or walking around facility is permitted by government oversight agencies.
  6. Visitors must wear a face mask for the entire visit. If a resident is not vaccinated, visitors must practice social distancing staying at least 6 feet apart. If a resident is vaccinated, visitors may sit close to resident, give them a hug, etc.
  7. A total of 2 people can visit a resident at one time. If visitor brings a child to visit, the child needs to be able to sit in one spot and wear a mask for the entire length of the visit and be supervised by visitor at all times. If the child is not able to stay in place, wear a mask, or practice all safety measures, the visit will need to end.
  8. Regardless of vaccination status, residents do not need to be isolated when returning to the care community. The only time a resident would need to be isolated is if they are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19. The isolation would be either 14 days or 20 days depending upon their health and comorbidities. If a resident is in quarantine, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, in-person visits can only be scheduled once resident is no longer in quarantine (except in end-of-life circumstances).
  9. If a resident has a confirmed COVID-19 infection, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, in-person visits can only be scheduled once resident is no longer deemed infectious (except in end-of-life circumstances).
  10. Compassionate care/end-of-life visits are able to take place regardless of COVID-19 status, vaccination status, or county positivity rate.
  11. Daily COVID-19 screening of residents and staff will continue.

To schedule a visit with your loved one on Saturday, Sunday or any time after 4:00PM on Monday through Friday, please contact Laura Orbell, our Family Visit Coordinator, at 515-218-3230 or lorbell@perrylutheranhomes.org.

There have been no staff or resident cases of COVID-19 at any of Perry Lutheran Homes campuses. And, the positivity rate of COVID-19 cases in Dallas County is currently at 1.7 percent. This is the number that impacts our visitation and testing policies and procedures.

We are so happy to continue to see more friends and family members inside our senior living communities. And, this beautiful weather has given our residents and resident families the option of visiting outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. We would like to make additional purchases to improve and make safe our outdoor seating and gathering places for both resident and family enjoyment. If you would like to make a financial gift to make this project possible, you can do so secure online through our web portal at: https://perrylutheranhome.networkforgood.com/projects/126396-safe-spaces-for-reconnecting-families

Thank you so much for your patience and grace as we continue this journey together. God is good!