Inge Smothers Receives 2021 Caregiver of the Year Award

The LeadingAge Iowa Caregiver of the Year award is given to an individual who demonstrated skills, both professional and interpersonal, that exceeded expectations. The award winner has positively affected the quality of life of those served, significantly improved a service or program, and demonstrated a strong and rare commitment to the organization and those served.

Inge Smothers, Certified Medication Aide (CMA) for Perry Lutheran Homes, won the Caregiver of the Year Award for her compassion and joy in going above and beyond meeting residents’ needs.

“Inge is truly amazing at what she does and is so deserving of this award. Not only is she an excellent CMA with great skill and exceptional care, but she is a beloved friend to our residents and their families,” expresses Melissa Gannon, COO and Administrator of Perry Lutheran Homes. “Inge pays attention to the details that matter and goes above and beyond bringing love and joy into our residents’ lives.”

Enjoy the video and nomination write-up below!

Award Nomination Write-Up

If there was one overarching thing to be said for Inge Smothers, CMA at Perry Lutheran Homes, it’s that she goes above and beyond for her residents. Beyond making sure their needs are met quickly and compassionately, Inge works to bring a spirit of joy into everything she does.

Inge focuses on delivering resident-centered care by getting to know each and every resident on a very personal level. She will bring them their favorite food, favorite drink, or a good book she knows they’ll like.

Inge has built great relationships with all of the residents she is entrusted to care for. In addition, she has built trust and solid relationships with resident families. Families are so eager to share with others about how well Inge knows their loved one, and how she treats them like they are her own family.

She also pays attention to the small things and details that matter. Inge follows up and follows through to make sure things like appointments are scheduled and in order, so that her residents are getting only the best care possible.

Making resident areas joyful is a passion of hers. Inge likes to decorate for the month, season or holiday simply to make their lives better and more enjoyable. She is an encourager, a supporter and a friend.

Inge’s dedication and caring heart is not only recognized by those inside the building, but to everyone she meets. Recently, a long-term residents passed away suddenly. The pastor doing the funeral knew Inge was the one to talk to in order to capture the essence of the man. In addition, the man’s family was eager to share their appreciation, even in their grief with Inge, who they knew loved their family member. Inge will always be part of that family and so many others, and we are so blessed to have her as a long-term team member of ours!